136 Marcia Armstrong Empowers High Achieving Career Women Through Financial Coaching & Consulting

136 Marcia Armstrong Empowers High Achieving Career Women Through Financial Coaching & Consulting

Barbados-based Marcia Armstrong shared her zone of genius working with women to help them see money differently than they ever have before. Marcia struggled with money as an employee and realized that becoming a steward of her money is of biblical portions and she was able to pay off over $13,000 dollars after being transformed.

Marcia Armstrong decided to take her personal experience and start a business to help women see money differently and to do so unapologetically. Today she is a financial coach, holds an MBA and coaching certification from Evercoach. Marcia also works with corporations providing consultancy to assist employees.

Marcia's genesis for becoming a part of the financial industry is the result of her personal experience and overcoming debt. She parlayed her personal experience to form A Purpose Life which is a spiritually based financial services business. She receives tremendous testimonials from her clients which is a testament to the transformation she provides.

Now more than ever Marcia Armstrong knows that women need to align their finances with their life in order to live with freedom from financial overwhelm. One of the most important aspects of A Purpose Life is the principles they follow in support of their clients which consist of transparency, integrity, honesty, confidentiality, and accountability. 

A Purpose Life approach to finances is holistic in nature as money impacts every area of their client's life. Marcia Armstrong is a leader that is a financial expert as well. Marcia Armstrong leads a Facebook Page - A Purpose Life Financial Hub.

Discover more about Marcia Armstrong & A Purpose Life at this link: https://bit.ly/CgjWWJ

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