245 What Do You Have In Store For Your Finances in 2023?

245 What Do You Have In Store For Your Finances in 2023?

You are coming off the Christmas and New Year holidays, so how are you doing? I will go one step further, how are your finances doing? The recent holiday season was one full of inflation, for gifts, food, entertainment, and more.

There is only one question to ask and it is this, "What do you have in store for your finances in 2023?" This is a very important question because it has everything to do with your personal and professional life.

No matter what your occupation happens to be, and if you are an entrepreneur, your finances play a factor in everything you do. During this episode, host Paul Lawrence Vann shares insight on what you should consider going forward in the first through the fourth quarter of 2023.

Tune in and listen to Paul share insight on what you should give consideration to including filing your taxes, student loans, becoming debt-free, saving more money, and much, much more. 

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