250 Leadership Is Influence Author Paul Lawrence Vann Interviewed by Shae Chambers
Wealth Academy Podcast - Wealth Is More Than Just MoneySeptember 02, 2023
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250 Leadership Is Influence Author Paul Lawrence Vann Interviewed by Shae Chambers

Shae Chambers is the guest host for this episode of the Wealth Academy Podcast, she hosts the Shaquane Speaks Podcast. Paul Lawrence Vann is the author of the new book, Leadership Is Influence and he shares the evolution of becoming an author of book publisher.

Shae adroitly pulled out Paul's inspiration for writing his first book and it represented the founding of Laurel Wreath Publishing. Paul is the author of three solo books and three co-authored books. Leadership Is Influence is a nonfiction leadership book that helps organizations enhance their staff, by involving the leader with the title in an organization, influencing their managers and employees to uplevel their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Paul's book provides a three-pronged approach to becoming a leader of influence. Why? Glad you asked when all members of an organization elevate their leadership abilities it results in higher productivity, they improve their bottom line, and it provides them with a competitive advantage in their industry.

Shae asked Paul to explain the difference between getting a book published through a traditional publishing company and being an independent publisher. Paul shared several key things to take into account and it will help you in understanding what works best for you as an author. 

All in all, this is an amazing interview, one that will help you to better understand the importance of enhancing your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. Recommend this episode to your family, friends, and colleagues.

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