Episode 244 The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Yourself

Episode 244 The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Yourself

Your mindset is everything and because it is, how you approach life has everything to do with your mind, and how you think. Host Vann is encouraging listeners and viewers to go all in as an investor, especially as it pertains to themselves.

Let us not get it twisted, sure investing in real estate, stocks and bonds is a good thing, but it doesn't compare to investing in you. Whether it is your mind, body, spirit, and or finances, you cannot lose by investing in yourself. Follow along as I share more about investing in yourself.

As an investor you cannot go wrong investing in your mind, it is where great things begin. As Jim Kwik informs us, the brain is a force of nature and when we sustain, nourish and maintain our brain, good results flow like rain on a stormy day. 

You cannot go wrong investing in your body, it is the only one we get, so we have to take good care of it, or it will let us down. A good body and mind go hand in hand, thus as you take care of your body, your mind will respond in kind. A good and toned body will reap great dividends for you for a lifetime, so invest in your body, health, and well-being.

Make no mistake about it when you align your faith, and take action upon it, your life will be perfectly aligned with your being. One's spirit is the engine that makes everything else in life move forward. A strong spiritual life is akin to living an elevated lifestyle., one you so richly deserve.

Last but certainly not least, invest financially, it may include becoming debt free, living within your means, saving more money, and investing in some of the things you always considered in investing in. One reason to invest financially is to be able to do things to help others, such as philanthropy, nonprofit work, and more. The year 2023 is just around the corner, so I want you to position yourself to be prepared for any significant emotional event that may rear its head. Let's finish strong in 2022 and go boldly into the new year.

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